Shannon Armstrong

Meet Moxie’s warrior and co-founder of Moxie Ministries, Shannon Armstrong. In meeting two to one with women, Shannon found her passion to dive deep and rescue hard.  It took this kind of an act to rescue her own soul from the dark years.  Shannon is forever organizing pieces and searches hard within a soul to find clarity.  Perhaps this is why she is also Moxie’s administrator - getting organized inside and out!


Shannon enjoys clean eating, clean competition- let’s be honest, clean everything.  Music is a straight shot to her soul. She loves peppermint smells and vulnerable, soul discovering conversations... with a two hour limit or this introvert loses feeling in her lips.

Kellie Haldeman

Dancerheads (5).jpg

Meet Moxie’s visionary and co-founder, Kellie Haldeman. Kellie is the rescuer of our team.  God has called her to free souls from the pit of despair.  She calls people out to a life of authenticity, giving them tools to walk in their God given uniqueness with courage and self worth. Kellie works hard not to reapply the face of "cookie cutter Christian."  


Kellie's own prescription for self-care includes breathing deeply, staying present, exercising, a good cup of jasmine tea, and marinating in the Word of God. Playing light sabers with her three year old grandson fills her with joy.  A day trip to Napa with her handsome hubby fills her tank.  (Literally)

Kim Matthews

Meet Moxie’s Mama, Kim Matthews. In Kim we see the marriage of kick-ass and nurture. Kim draws people in in a way that draws them out. She has known divorce from the vantage point of child, ex-wife, and step mom. Experiencing each of those perspectives launched Kim into seeking healing and wholeness, which eventually led her to the only One who can bring true wholeness. Kim is a life-long learner. She is a survivor. 


Kim loves anything outside, in the sun, on the water, in the garden. She is a creator, from the kitchen to the canvas.  You would be hard pressed to shock this Mama - plus she could wire your house.

Marcia Young

Meet Moxie’s companion, Marcia Young.  Marcia is a tree- providing refuge where women can lay it all down and get real.  God has been her safe place for healing through the years.  Helping others experience freedom and wholeness, in an accepting environment, is her desire.


Marcia loves to learn new things; she taught herself how to crochet, and her latest endeavor is weight lifting. Despite bad knees, she’s determined to tone her 5’41/2” frame.  Watching baseball and crocheting is her happy time, so she’s not taking calls then.  Laughing with family and friends is healing to her soul.