2 to 1

The two to one format is where two of our team members come alongside you, focusing on you and your wholeness. If you are in a dark, lonely, confusing, isolated place, where you can't seem to find any light, this format may be right for you. We listen to you and to His Spirit for guidance in the darkness and follow His lead.


Small Group

The small group format is three to four women who meet weekly for a six week time period. In the small groups, there can be great levels of intimacy without the intimidation that sometimes comes with larger groups. Beautiful things happen as women start to share with one another in vulnerability.


Group Studies

The large group format is any number of women, over five, who meet weekly for a designated period of time. Scripture provides the framework for this study. We work on cultivating a safe environment that enables women to speak their truth as they are lead. We ask women to take an honest look at their past, their present, and walk into their future on strong legs, moving towards becoming every piece of who God created them to be.